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How and when do slot machines give out free spins?

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The math behind slot machines is actually quite simple. Slot machines are programmed to return a set percentage of their total revenue back to players in the form of winnings, and this percentage is in some cases regulated by law.

There is a specific RTP (Return to Player) percentage attached to each slot game. Some people claim that they can predict when a machine will pay out because certain patterns appear on reels over time, which is false.

When you play your favorite online slots at Bonus Bandits, winning is purely based on chance. However, you can learn how online slots work by using free spins awarded or playing demos before playing for real money.

How a slot machine works

A slot machine has three reels. A reel in this context is just an arrangement of symbols. In the case of slots, they are usually fruit or other icons.

There are two wheels on either side of the display, with each wheel having one symbol from left to right. When the game starts, both wheels will spin simultaneously, and all three reels will stop when their corresponding icon lands under the pointer at random positions on its respective reel. You win when the symbols fall into line on the pay line.

When is a slot machine likely to give free spins?

The answer is pretty simple: it’s any time you play! Slot machines are designed to offer players bonuses and other types of rewards at random intervals. 

Some games will let you know when they’re about to give a bonus by displaying something like flashing lights or a message on the screen. Others do not, which makes them hard to predict.

Here are three scenarios when a slot machine could give you free spins.

1. When there’s the first deposit bonus

Many online casinos offer bonuses in the form of free spins to new players. In this case, the casino will give you a certain number of spins on a particular slot game as soon as you deposit money into your account. For instance, you could receive a one-off bonus of 200 free spins. These free spins usually have strict and tough wagering requirements.

2. When you win a special prize

When playing slots, players may occasionally encounter a bonus round in which they get to collect several winning symbols on an active pay line. Once the winning combination appears, one or more free spins will be awarded, and your coins will be multiplied.

Keep in mind that you must decide whether to play the free spins immediately and before spinning again – the free spins will be forfeited if you carry on with the next spin using the same bet amount.

3. When you’ve accumulated a certain amount of coins

Some online slot machines are programmed to offer free spins when players have accumulated enough coins in their accounts. For instance, you could get 10 free spins after reaching the 5,000-coin mark. It all comes down to the various slot games’ rules and regulations.

It is important to know that these types of slots are much rarer than others, because casinos prefer offering bonuses that require gamers to wager their winnings several times before being able to withdraw any money.